A fun way to learn proportions

I am always looking for ways to make math fun. One day, while I was teaching an Algebra 1 lesson, I was struck with an inspiration. I thought what better way for students to learn the concept of proportion then for them to build a scale model of the school. That day after school I started typing up my thoughts into an organized lesson. After that I went to the principal's office and obtained a copy of the blueprint of our school. Is then whited out all measurements shown on the blue print.

The next day I told my students that they, in groups, were going to build a scale model of the school. I then gave each group a large tape measure . They had so much fun measuring all the walls of the school and converting them using the proportion size that I gave each group. The next few days were spent building their scale models. One group went so far as to build a scale model cake of the school. Other groups expanded the project to include the grounds surrounding the school.

At the end of the school year I had many students tell me that that was their favorite lesson for the whole school year.


Jeffrey M.

I love tutoring students in math, social studies, and science

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