I have studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and received Master degree in 2008. While I was studying at university, I worked as a teacher assistant. I have taught many courses to undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, I taught a lot of elementary and high school students as tutor. Both of these experiences convinced me to pursue tutoring as a career. Therefore, I have tried hard to become a good teacher. I realized that teacher preparation is the major determinant of a great teacher.

I have taught large variety of courses; however, my best experience is computer programming. Right now, I have some college and high school students whom I am teaching Java, C/C++, Matlab, and object oriented programming. I love teaching the computer programming to any student and can transmit information in the best way at minimum time. If you have any problems in programming and want to become ready for your class or doing your homework, I could help you. You are going to do your homework, and develop any programs just after a few sessions. I can speak in both English and Persian.


I was in desperate need of a tutor to help me prepare for graduate study in Computer Science since I had a non-C.S. background as an undergraduate.  All the prerequisite courses I was taking were difficult for me due to lack of experience and my challenge essentially was to cram 4 years worth of material in 1 year prior to the start of my graduate program.  It was clear to me that I needed more individualized help and that's where Fereidoun came in.  First of all he is very patient and supportive, which really helps with my confidence in believing that I can do this.  When going over homework, he gives you hints to help you figure out how to solve it which really makes you learn and understand the material.  Afterward he shares his logic and reasoning that for me has been key to helping me do these problems on my own.  You don't get this kind of deep insight from professors in big lecture halls.  But aside from all that, he goes out of his way to make sure you get what you need in order to pass the class.  Without his guidance, I would not be where I am at today.  I am so impressed by his knowledge and teaching that I plan to continue my lessons with him during my graduate program. 


Fereidoun A.

Patient PhD Tutor in Computer Science , Math and Electrical Engineer

100+ hours
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