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I am new to WyzAnt, so I'd like to introduce myself. I am a math teacher with over 10 years' worth of experience teaching college students. The courses I have taught range from basic mathematics to upper-division engineering mathematics, and my specialty these days is statistics.

Until recently, I was a tutor for Pearson Tutor Services, where I helped thousands of people with their math homework over the phone or via e-mail. Some of the recommendations we received are shown below, as well as recommendations from the people who have worked with me.

I can do a great job for you!

Recommendations from clients of the Pearson Tutor Center:

"I listened to them offer help and was very impressed by the interactive nature of the phone calls. The explanations were outstanding. The tutors are very proficient in offering alternative explanations and do a great job of bringing things to the student’s level." -- George W., author of college algebra and trig textbooks

"You guys are getting me through this class!" -- Sarah P., business statistics students

Recommendations from my co-workers at the Tutor Center:

"[Joan] is a superb educator with vast knowledge in mathematics, statistics, and other quantitative-based fields. She is unfailingly professional and very insightful on matters of operations, curricular questions, and teaching methods... She has a wonderful rapport with students and professional colleagues alike." -- Sergio C., former assistant supervisor

"Joan became one of the main go-to persons for instructors within our group and students regularly requested her assistance." -- Brian N., tutor

But don't take their word for it ... find out for yourself!



Joan S.

Dr Joan's friendly, hassle-free college math and statistics

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