The Beauty of Physics Pt 1

Physics is the branch of science that deals with matter, energy, and their interactions. I believe we are all born physicists. Babies are naturally curious and test their environments, making new discoveries rapidly. In a bath, a child may be fascinated with the flotation of a yellow rubber ducky. They will push it down to submerge the toy completely and let it go and watch it pop up with joy. They will repeat this experiment innumerable times to confirm this counterintuitive finding. Unfortunately at some point young people acquire the notion that physics has to do with equations, that it is difficult, that it doesn't make sense, and that people who do physics work at NASA in million dollar laboratories. My philosophy is that students already learn much physics before they ever take their first class. They prove that they understand the intricacies of projectile motion every time they catch a ball. They walk using friction and force. When they drive their cars, they are calculating velocities, accelerations, and displacements.



Lluvia Z.

Expert Physics Teacher for High School through Quantum Mechanics

50+ hours
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