Enjoying getting back in the algebra game!

I'm definitely loving my algebra tutoring so far!

I've tutored math before at various levels, but it's been a while since I've tutored in algebra and I have to say I'm really enjoying revisiting the subject. Algebra is one of those math skills that is *always* useful, even in day-to-day life, and it's great brushing up on some of the concepts and skills -- I'll admit that I've had to pause a few times to double-check that all my x's and y's are in the right places, but just like riding a bicycle, writing an algebraic equation is one of those things you don't forget how to do.

It's also great seeing how everyone approaches math differently. Some students aren't fans of word problems, for example, but I love them. That's the kind of math everyone encounters in their lives, and knowing how to do it not only lets you pass math classes, it can save you time and money to boot! :)


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