Educational Resource Review: BrainPop, BrainPopJr

There are many educational resources online that promise results, but also require payment upfront. They may have a trial period, which may leave you still uncertain. However, I do not think nor are educational products you should doubt if your child has any interest in robots, cartoons, bright colors, and curiosity. I highly recommend BrainPop online resources. and are online subscription websites that provide informative and accurate videos on a variety of subjects your elementary student will require from nutrition, internet safety, math, science, history, geography, bullying, reading, writing, and so much more. These fun and exciting videos then lead to a variety of other activities your student can move onto to reinforce the video content. Activities include comic strips, additional fun and interesting facts, quizzes (printed and online), different writing or drawing prompts, practice questions for math, worksheets, and many games!

Not only is this tool useful for parents that don't know how to safely keep their student entertained on the computer, but also for parents who homeschool, teachers, schools, and other tutors as there are often accompanying lesson plans, ready-made worksheets, and quizzes that are all printable. Additionally, there is an English as a Second Language (ESL) website - - and that translates the original BrainPop concept into Spanish; both I have yet to fully explore.

The BEST part of BrainPop's educational websites is the 2 main characters that narrate the videos. The highly knowledgeable young female/male student and his/her robot friend, Moby, who beeps are well-spoken and deliver the content clearly. The robot, Moby, draws the attention and eye of both students and adults alike. He is fascinating and we can easily understand what he communicates through his beeping and the female/male student's dialogue. I enjoy it as much as my students do!

The catch is the cost. For many it is highly prohibitive. An annual family subscription it is $99 and monthly it is $9.95 month with a 12 month commitment. The pricing only goes up from there. It can definitely be considered an investment.

Read more about why this website is a valuable tool:

And definitely try out the FREE trial period (with or without your student):

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