The Powerful Role of Dynamic Teachers and Tutors Contributing to the Investment in Human Capital

Often Professors, Teachers, Tutors, Education Assistants are respected and even revered; still yet the uniquely crucial role played by many in addition to invaluable contributions not merely to our communities but more specifically our Earth Citizen civilization in its' entirety, merit a salutation for their gifts of servitude that could never suffice. Education and Educators bestow upon the global village that most finite resource, the most valuable investment possible to children, adolescents, and adults alike what has been termed in Academia Circles of Economists as "An investment in human capital". Though the overbearing market reference inferring the defining characteristics of the fundamentalist, global free market economy apply to human beings in virtually identical, parallel metaphor as any other commodity to be dickered over, ever reducing value in ideal and reality to a bottom, base product to trade, or toss into the landfill of human waste.

In petition to command the attention and support of those that may have forgotten the intrinsic value in the infinite growth, far reaching worldly (but not mundane) benefits to the advancement of knowledge while exorcising ignorance, then brings the enlightening realization of genuine humility, the empathy inherently necessary to comprehend the continuous, constant, and complete merge into singular unity as an ultimate marriage of the paternal and maternal life force's guidance enveloping the universe, the globe, and its creatures dynamically interconnected in unison to promote harmonious life on Planet Earth. These meager words attempting to humbly describe the absolute pure manifestation of the all but forgotten notion of honest QUALITY as an intrinsic VALUE for human beings, Earth Citizens to aim for on as many levels as our feeble minds' mentalities might strive to achieve hints, even glimpses of awareness of in their state of uninformed, inexperience as guests within the vastly infinite setting, of the host given many linguistic terms which have served to misrepresent and misguide the understanding of the human condition. There is a similar, simultaneous, separation and connection illustrated by the changing seasons, by the members of a family or a tribe, and most importantly Earth Citizens' civilization, all terrestrial creatures, Planet Earth, the Universe & the infinite Cosmos, and the inkling of understanding, a comprehensive notion, of a common, whole, singularity that is the sum total equivalent of VALUE & QUALITY, and of LIFE & LOVE.

Professors, Teachers, Tutors, Educators, Education Assistants, all serve the ultimate purpose as willing contributors, sacrificial volunteers, forging the path to a much needed and long overdo "NEW ENLIGHTENMENT", constantly battling for course correction. In my heart the noble Teachers are aware of the tyrannical tendencies of the empire rulers to perpetuate the repetition of deliberate historical patterns failures and stubbornly refuse to accept the supposed inevitability of static stagnation. These are the revolutionaries of the post modern era, non conforming in the face of the false progress, and phony prosperity of fundamentalist free market fetishism and the deification of ever emerging markets. Our Dynamic Educators deserve gratitude, praise, and encouraging support in the battle against disinformation, the inversion of Truth, "Junk Science", and the "corporate branding" deceptively distorting the march toward dismantling what has been a great American tradition in the establishment of the Public School Systems across our nation in favor of privatization of education. As members of our communities, our nation, our planet, I implore readers of this blog to stand strong in solidarity, support, protect, and not only defend our Public Educational Institutions from K-12, Community Colleges, and Universities but fight budget cuts funding education; demand INCREASED FUNDING annually that could very easily be drawn from military spending, and a myriad of corporate and multinational corporations' subsidies to the private sector while the public sector endures a constant attack and continuous, detrimental, damaging, dismantling of its core structure and its Democratic functions. The Utter, Absolute Importance, Dire Necessity, Pivotal, Crucial Role for the GENUINE PROGRESSION & SURVIVAL of MODERN CIVILIZATION depends upon the QUALITY, the VALUE, and the ACCESSIBILITY of the INVESTMENT in HUMAN CAPITAL provided through education, educators, and our educational institutions.

James L.
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences


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