STOP Technique for reading comprehension skills

I learned a great technique when teaching students how to pick the best answer in comprehension reading passages. The STOP method is a great way for a student who sometimes struggles with comprehension skills to use when trying to pick the correct response. STOP stands for Silly, Tricky, Opposite, and Proven. This really does work in many instances and used as a strategy for struggling readers. The student will read the question and look over the answers, and if he/she becomes stuck, using STOP should help them narrow down their choices dramatically. They should first look for the Silly answer (one that definitely doesn't apply to the question). Continue with the Tricky answer and see that it may be possible and could actually work, but isn't. Next they will find the answer that correlates to the Opposite meaning of the answer. Finally leading them to the Proven answer. If this skill is practiced frequently students should become more adept in deciphering their choices.


Theresa S.

Tutoring by Theresa

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