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MCAS Test Prep at Bourne High School has been going well so far. Students have a passing rate on the 10th grade math exams right now of about 65%; fairly well considering they are in the class based on their 8th grade MCAS scores. Most of my students are working on the Mathematics exams now; a few kids who are proficient at Math are working independently, with my guidance, on English exams. So far for English Language Arts, students are doing very well on reading comprehension and multiple choice questions, with room to improve on open-response questions. However, overall, they are scoring very well on the English MCAS practice exams. For all of my tutoring, public and private, I am using previous MCAS tests available on the Mass. Dept. of Ed website. I am also using some recently published MCAS Prep books that have been very helpful. My philosophy is to see where students stand right now, so they try the exam on their own first. Then I will spend considerable time going over the exam in detail: every question, every answer, every explanation, every trap to avoid. After we thoroughly correct and review the exam, students have gained knowledge and experience and are ready to take another similar exam to score higher. The more practice students can receive, the more test material they can become familiar with, the greater their confidence level with the exam itself. So far, my public high school students have increased an average of about 6 points from their first to second MCAS exams they have taken. They will begin their third math MCAS after the holiday vacation. I look forward to being able to help other students prepare for the MCAS exams for Math and English Language Art for grades 3-8 and grade 10. Exams are in the spring; English in March, Math in May. I look forward to working with new students son. Have a safe holiday season.

Robert P.


Robert P.

I am currently a MCAS Tutor at a local high school

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