End of the Year!

As the School year comes to an end, I want to take this time to thank each of my Awesome Students and Parents for the hard work and accomplishments these past few months. You have proved to yourselves that hard work does pay off! Your grades show the effort that you have put into your studies.

But don't stop here! Some of you I will continue to see this summer, some next school year, learning is an everyday process. Open your minds and learn from every experience. Hone your math skills as you shop, pick up a newspaper and read current events, organize your rooms and study areas so every step you take is effective and efficient. All of this will improve your ability to learn next school year.

Your School career will end in such a few years, so make the most of this time, you have amazing minds and wonderful ideas, put them to use!

Don't forget those Summer Reading projects, complete them early. Putting things off until the last minute is not a good way to start off a new School year.

I will be available through the summer, text, email, or call!

Thanks again for letting me a part of your learning experience!



Diana G.

Individualized Teaching Strategies To Enhance Your Childs Skills

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