The Human Element

For our second session, my student had a speech ready, PowerPoint slides in place and note cards in hand. It was time to take the first breath and begin his presentation. One deep breath. After a good introduction the rest of the presentation began to become rough...but we soon found a very simple solution. Outlining a speech and adding in talking points were the key for this student. A simple solution was all we needed for better transitions and dialogue that was much easier to follow. We spent an hour fixing up this presentation to make it more audience friendly and successfully made him more comfortable with it in the process.

One aspect I found important was when he asked me, "why can't I just play a movie for them instead of giving this presentation?" My answer: The human element. In today's society we hide ourselves behind computer screens, detach ourselves from personal interaction by texting, and too often let others speak for us. What many people are missing is that simple invitation of human interaction, of a chance to speak with a real person when we call a company and the gesture of saying hello to a neighbor as we pass by their front porch. Sometimes it's just a breath of fresh air to interact with a human. A field at sunset makes a beautiful photo, but a photo of a little girl running through the field with a puppy makes it ten times better. It's simple the human element. And adds a bit of what society is missing to the mix. It's a voice and a face that make the difference.

Next week's goal? Pulling everything together into a solidified presentation. He can do. I have faith.


Ashli T.

Always with a camera and pen at my side...

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