Butterflies of Making a Speech

Ahem. Non-verbally clearing my throat here, preparing a blog post for my first public speaking tutoring session. And honestly, it went fantastic.

I met with my tutee in a Starbucks tonight to speak about his public speaking fears. As someone who has never had the assignment to stand in the spotlight and give a world renowned speech, it's understandable he is afraid of public speaking. But my words of advice, as passed down from the professors of Bloomsburg University, "Own your speech. Bask in the limelight for a second, because right now it's your time to have the stage." This thought may scare some, but if you have something you need to say, why not take the initiative, because in reality, your audience does not have too many options, other than sit there and listen to you. So take charge of your speech. Own it. And make it enjoyable for them too.

We worked tonight on the 5 basics of speech giving: Finding a purpose, knowing the importance of research, supporting your speech to earn credibility from your audience, making an outline, and preparing. We talked about strengths (vocal variety, hand gestures, and confidence) and some weakness (use of fillers, unpreparedness, and hiding behind a computer.) With these basics we spoke about how to overcome them in order for your audience to accept your position as speaker and respect you at the same time.

Next step: speech giving. But for now, ponder those basics.


Ashli T.

Always with a camera and pen at my side...

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