Picture Dictionary for U.S. and Global History Regents Exams

I often draw pictures and use picture dictionaries with my ESL students. One student said to me that my notebook drawings and the illustrations in the dictionaries stay in his mind so clearly; making it impossible for him to forget the meaning of a word or phrase! Recently, I came up with the idea to translate this picture drawing practice to my U.S. and Global History tutoring sessions. I now encourage the high school students I work with to draw pictures next to vocabulary/terms in U.S. and Global History review packets to help them remember the definition. I am also in the process of creating my own U.S. and Global History picture dictionaries for students to both complete and review.

I'd love to hear some feedback on this work in progress so feel free to reply to this post!



Joclyn W.

Witty and Creative History and Writing Tutor

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