The keys to success in mathematics!

The key to success in mathematics is to understand that all sub-subjects (algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, differential/difference equations, statistics, probability) are really a LANGUAGE. And more than any spoken language, mathematics is truly THE universal language. It is also key to understand the PROCESS or STEPS: how to take the problem at hand, break it down into its individual parts, and work through the steps to achieve the correct answer. Like any sport, or as in driving, mathematics involves following a series of simple RULES and applying the theory to the real world. Once the rules are followed, all that is required is PRACTICE! So, remember: it's a language, which involves understanding steps, following rules, applying the concepts to the real world, and then . . . the hardest part! :) . . . . practice, practice, practice! You CAN do it!


I agree 100%. Too many students do not take the time to break down the language of math into understandable pieces. Also, in my experience, a lot of calculus students have a substandard understanding of the algebraic foundation in a calculus problem (or trig if using constructs such as trigonmetric substition.) Also, many students are not made aware of real-world applications of their particular maths courses and therefore tend to think of math as drudge work and not something that can be exciting. This is probably due to the contrived nature of most math problems in a given course. A good learning tool is to discover a student's interests and apply the proper math to it: for instance, proability lends itself well to poker, ballistics to algebra / calculus / spherical trigonometry, a baseball fan may be interested in how a given statistic is derived etc. The hardest part is getting a student interested enough so that they PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.


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