Confidence Building, Positivism and Patience are my building blocks to break down barriers

I never thought I would enjoy and learn so much from teaching and tutoring my students. I have had the blessings to tutor/teach students as young as 6 years old, with their driven parents wanting me to teach their child/children Spanish,English, Romanian, Beg. French, Reading, Writing and Phonetics. It never failed to amaze me the memory capacity, endurance and confidence a child can gain from simple encouraging words, your faith in their abilities and your unwavering patience. Having students of all ages, cultural backgrounds and learning levels gave me the opportunity to learn lots of ways to adapt, challenge, engage, understand and enhance the lessons to better suit and challenge the students comprehension and progress. I look forward to each and every session for it gives me great pride to see the hard work, troubleshooting and progress toward their educational, social, linguistic and emotional development. When one is confident in their capabilities there is no limit to what they are capable of, and when one has another language under their belt it gives them an edge in this challenging market!


Daniela B.

Professional, Reliable and Efficient Private Tutor

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