Success Rx: Do a "Gut Check"

Do you really want to succeed in your studies and tests? Here’s the key: a Gut Check. Simply put, when the going gets tough, keep going. This is what differentiates the Good from the Great. We were not created to merely exist. We were created to thrive and fulfill our potential. It’s the consistent overcoming of obstacles that breaks down barriers to success. When you’re lifting weights, it’s the last three extra reps that you did that really bring in the results. It’s the extra mile that you ran, the extra sprint that you did. Let’s apply this principle to academics. Decide today that you will keep going when things get tough.


Words of wisdom. I was scanning, trying to gather information that would help my sons with their "lost in space" journey through the distant galaxy this year commonly known as Algebra One. What I did not expect to find were incredible insights that I, too, might apply, not to academics but to everything else. Thanks for posting such sage advice. I, for one, intend to enlist it as my new mantra at the beginning of each day and refer back to it, well, about hourly if I were to be completely honest.
Thank you for your kind words. :)


Vidya F.

SAT and GRE Tutor

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