Learning can be just as enjoyable as the holidays!!

As the weather changes, and we enter the season of holiday and family, we also have kids home from school itching to "do something". A teacher's biggest worry during these times of year is, "Will the retain the learned objects until return???"

Families, it's time to resocialize our understanding of education. It has a place in our everyday lives. We teach our kids not to touch the stove. Mommies of toddlers endlessly repeat the names of the stores in passing as we eagerly try to focus on our shopping lists. With family gathering more than often during these coming months, why not create a scrapbook, journal, or PowerPoint to savor the memories once the toys aren't as entertaining and the leftovers are gone. Allowing your child to interview relatives, or take pictures of the wonderful events of the season turns a writing assignment into so much fun! Lessons that are integrated with knowledge based skills and high interest topics prove to stay with the students longer. The child not only enjoyed the activity, but most importantly, they maintained a level of importance on education, even during the vacation. Getting back into the school routine won't prove as difficult.

Perhaps they will be renewed and ready to put their best foot forward upon returning to school.
Home-grown success builds foundations for academic success!!


Brandi R.

Opportutoring by Ms. B: Supporting Home-Grown Success!

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