The Latin Root

Over 99% of the English language came from our Latin ancestors. Well, more accurately, our ancestors who lived when Latin was spoken. If you were to examine most words we use today, you can find a Latin root, or a Latin meaning. Two good examples are the Latin roots "manus" and "pedis". Manus means hand or fingers. Examples of words that relate accordingly are "manacle" which is another term for handcuffs, or meaning to grasp another about the wrists/hands and "manicure" which is a service nail professionals perform on the fingernails. Pedis is the Latin root for foot/feet. For example, a pedicure is a service done to your toenails. Basically, if we were to spend a bit of time learning the Latin roots-- not the Latin language, just the roots -- our students and children could potentially better learn their vocabulary words. Food for thought, right?


Jessica M.

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