The Big Five

The big five are the main ingredients in literacy, Reading that is. The big five in Reading consist of Fluency, Comprehension, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, and Vocabulary. If you are lacking in one or more of these areas you will not be a great reader. It's imperative that you possess all five. So how do you do this? Well Phonics is understanding that letters make sounds, Phonemic Awareness is learning how letter sounds relate to words, comprehension has to do with thinking and asking questions while you read, vocabulary has to do with words and how they are mad up. and finally fluency means that you are able to read at a steady rate, with prosody and automaticity.

If you are confused maybe this will clear things up. Understand that this is a step by step process that should be taught in an explicit and strategic manner. Young learners should be learning Phonics and Phonemic Awareness, and Sight Words. As they become more literate then the student must understand that Reading requires you to think. It is multi dimensional, in the sense that it is an oral and mental function. Asking questions while reading and summarizing what you have read after you read will help aid your ability to comprehend. Once you have learned how comprehend what you read, then learn phonic and Phonemic Awareness, and incorporate a lot of Vocabulary: you should automatically become a more Fluent reader.

Remember Reading Can Take you Places ...
Ms. D.


Deidre D.

Reading Specialist

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