The New Style of Reading

Have you ever wondered why your child is making good grades in class, but scoring lowly on high stakes testing? Well, I have the answer. There is a new form of Reading. We know Reading as the big five. You know Comprehension, Fluency, Phonics, and Phonemic Awareness. There is a new type of Reading that your child need to know in order to be successful in their academics. In Florida we know it as the FCAT Testing. While in school your child will began taking high stakes testing in 1st grade. Students, are required to began taking the FCAT EXAM in 3rd grade. Why not prepare your child in advance for these batteries of test. Don't wait until your child begins struggling. These types of test requires the students to know a different type of skill set. These skills are very specific to The Florida Department of Education Sunshine State Standards. Therefore, it is my recommendation that you start preparing your child in advance for these types of test. Employ a tutor who has a teaching background and that knows first hand what your child is required to know.

Reading can take you on an endless journey...

Ms. Deidre D.


Deidre D.

Reading Specialist

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