Using calculators in grade schools

So, as someone who has done private tutoring for a couple years I keep finding this disturbing trend among kids in grade schools and that is they always use calculators. No matter how simple a problem is they immediately go to their calculator. When I ask them why I get 3 of the following answers: first one is it’s just easier to do it that way, second is my family member told me to use it, and the most disturbing one of them all is my teacher told me to use it. I can understand the first 2 but, the last one just kills me. I am sorry but, there is no reason a teacher should be telling a child in grade school to use a calculator. You really should not see a child use one till around 7th grade the earliest in my opinion. Has anyone else been noticing this among grade school children as well? How frequently? And what are your thoughts on this?



Adolfo V.

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