Six Facts about Me That Interest Students

1. One of my articles about Stephen King was translated into German and published in Germany, earning me the most I've been paid for any one piece of writing. However, it is far from the *best* piece of writing I have had published.

2. Through science-fiction conventions, I have met George R. R. Martin (author of *A Game of Thrones*), who goes by "George," and know Orson Scott Card (author of *Ender's Game*), who goes by "Scott."

3. I keep pet rats--at present, eight, but I'm thinking of adopting again. This fact inevitably comes up because when I concoct grammar exercises but have nothing else to write about, I write sentences or paragraphs about per rats. Did you know the first rat show was held in England in 1906?

4. I'm a pisco-vegan, meaning that I do not eat mammal meat, bird meat, eggs, or milk products, but I do eat seafood as well as plants. I specialize in making tasty vegan soups, spontaneously adding ingredients so that each one is different.

5. I practice yoga, for which I have a personal trainer I have been seeing for two years.

6. I like the music of Lady Gaga. I might say, "Who doesn't?" However, I know one answer: one of my housemates, who believes all good music stopped being produced in 1970. I find her tunes not only memorable but almost impossible to get out of my head.


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