Helpful math tips

Here are some helpful tips to help master your math class. Some of these tips are very simple, but I guarantee you they will help!

1. Always use a pencil.
We make a lot of mistakes when we're learning something new. Most of the mistakes are very minor so it's always good to do everything in pencil.

2. Do as much as your calculations by hand on the same paper as your homework.
Calculators make thing easy on us by saving us time. However, it's easier to forget everything you've learned when the calculator was doing all of the work for you.

3. Show your work!
It's easier to identify what went wrong when we can actually see every step that we've made!

4. Double check your work.
Check you work by applying your answers to the equation. This is the best way to check yourself.

5. Never erase the wrong answers!
It's important to learn from our mistakes and understand why we're making those mistakes. Erasing them makes it easier to forget and make the mistakes again.

6. Use red pens to correct or check your answers.
It's really helpful in pointing out what you need to work on to better your skills.

7. Keep 2 notebooks for math class.
Use 2 identical notebooks (maybe 2 70 page college ruled notebooks) for each math class. Use one to take notes in class and the other for homework and calculations. It keeps you organized and helps maintain order mentally in a way that helps relieve some of the math worries. Be sure to date every day's notes and write down your homework assignment at the bottom of your notes as a reference to look back to when studying. Always start your notes and homework on a new page.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Please send me some feedback as to how they worked out for you or send me tips of your own that you'd like to be added!


Daina E.

BS Public Health/Pre-med Student Here To Help!

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