When History is Alive for You then it is Easier and Enjoyable to Learn

I discovered a love for American History. But this has not always been true. I live in a state where much of the American Revolution took place. But I wasn't always aware of history this way. I was lucky to work for several years at Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts and every day I would remind myself that I was setting foot on land that had been settled during the American Revolution by courageous and desperate men and women who left their homes in England to come to a place where they could choose how to live. Their challenges are still relevant to us today. What makes studying American History exciting is discovering that it is the story of people, not dates of events, that brought us to where we are today, in an increasingly complicated world. Viewed in this way, we can use their stories to learn how to live our own lives authentically and with integrity, and discover who we are inside. This living knowledge can transform our sense of what is possible and what matters. For example: when we study the people who were involved in writing our Constitution, and the events that actually occurred, I experience a felt sense of what the aliveness of history really is - it is not a dead past. Today there are many questions about constitutional issues and how they affect and play out in all our lives. Our personal freedoms and choices hinge on how the Constitution is interpreted and we are personally affected by this although we often are not aware of it.

Learning history is about making it come alive, reading and listening in certain ways, and understanding how to successfully take multiple choice tests and writing essays. I can help you with all of these.


Sandra K.

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