The Advantages of Hiring a Teacher to Tutor

The advantages of hiring a teacher is that a teacher knows where most students struggle. A teacher often times has a class of 35 or more children and all students may learn 35 or more different ways. As an educator, one must try to reach as many students as possible, thus learning many different ways to teach the same lesson. One also teaches to the senses: Auditory, hands-on, and visual using a variety of modalities. In a tutoring situation, a teacher will teach your child in a way that he/she gets it. A teacher will also spend more time on those areas that students struggle with most. A teacher can also provide an abundance of supplemental material to further learning and understanding. Lastly, a teacher knows what's expected of the child in the course that follows, setting up the child for success now and for the future.


Silvia M.

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