How to conquer all the vocabulary for the SAT

Of course, reading and reading and more reading is the advice you often hear as the best advice to do well on the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT. But what kind of reading? The Twilight Series is NOT going to help....and anyway, when can you fit it in with all the other work you're doing for school and extra-curriculars? The following are five simple ways that you can incorporate vocab learning in less than 30 minutes a day!

#1: Go through old Time, Newsweek, Sierra Club, or other newsworthy magazines----no matter how old---and rip out all the articles that look interesting, staple them, and put them in a pile. Rip out about 10-20, so you have a stack to work through.

#2: Incorporate a parent or best friend's help. Most likely a parent is wanting and waiting for you to let him/her know how he/she can help. Ask her/him to make copies of all those articles that you just ripped out. When you get ready to read one of the articles you ripped out, ask Mom or Dad to read it to too and then take time in the car on the way to wherever you're going to talk briefly about it. If a parent isn't available, how about a friend or sibling?

#3: Once a day, take the time to ready ONE of the articles you read. In a notebook that you've designated as "SAT vocab", write down the date, any word from the article that was new for you, and a sample sentence with the word as you understand it. (It's not necessary to write the definition down--don't use the notebook as a dictionary.) Even if you have to take time to look words up in the dictionary in order to understand them, you should be able to finish this all in less than 30 minutes each day.

#4: Oh, and remember that helpful parent or friend or sibling who you called on earlier? Well, at the end of the week, take your less than 30 minutes and hand your "SAT Vocab notebook" over. Ask them to quiz you on the words you recorded just for that week.

#5: It's impossible to get to all the new words you'll need for the vocabulary test via readings each day, so you'll need to break down and do some good old memorizing as well. If you haven't already signed up for an SAT vocab word to be sent to you each day via email, do that right away.

More tips coming soon!! Meanwhile, keep plugging away!!


Jane L.

Non-Native English Speakers--English pronunciation, grammar and convo!

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