The Top 6 Benefits of Cramming

Oh com' on! Who hasn't been there? I know you have. He's been there. She's been there.

You know exactly what I'm talking about. It's that inclination we all get when we don't really want to face something big, overwhelming and difficult, like preparing for a Test. But avoiding it is not the answer. Even YOU know that. But you do it anyways. So, in celebration of the Habit that's kind of getting old, it's time to look at it straight in the eye and face it head on. Yep, NO TIME to put on those rose-colored glasses.

Benefit #1 - Nervous Jitters
Somehow, you feel your heart pounding louder and louder as the clock ticks happily away to Test Day.

Benefit #2 - Brain Talk
You wanted to take a road trip to The Burning Man, instead, your brain won’t stop giving you the ‘Guilt Trip’

Benefit #3 - Intestinal Butterflies
You may get unlimited trips to the bathroom, just because the only thing your brain knows is that you haven’t really mastered anything yet

Benefit #4 - Disappointed Friends
Since you haven’t really planned your study time this week, you HAVE to cancel Friday night at the movies with your Buddies in favor of ‘burning the midnight oil and hitting the books’

Benefit #5 - Memory Lapse
When you are trying to remember dates, names, places, events and other details for a test, cramming feels like stuffing yourself with 3x more food than you would normally take in – somehow, the extra pieces have to go bye-bye

Benefit #6 - Maximum Distraction
Why does it seem easier to get distracted just when you have almost zero time to study? When your brain is in a Flight or Fight Mode, it tries to protect itself from over-stimulation by refocusing on more entertaining subjects

In order to avoid any unwelcome surprises, it is advisable to

Create a plan of action for yourself - and yes, that includes eating healthier foods and getting enough zzzzzzs.

Work on The Plan by writing down your To-Do List in a calendar ahead of time, starting with Test Day and working backwards to today's date.

Make a commitment to yourself and stick to it like you would a Doctor’s appointment.

This will allow you to develop healthier and more consistent study skills that will prepare you for your Test later on.


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