Top 3 Study Tips for School Success

I hated school. I didn't like Elementary cuz I was a sickly kid with asthma whose family doctor sternfully instructed her Momma not to allow her to go out and play with the other kids at recess. Can you imagine being deprived of the fun and excitement of the best time of the day?!

I didn't like High School, cuz I looked like a Geek with my thick glasses, the yucky space between my front teeth and my cropped short, blunt-cut hair that made me feel like Nancy, the cartoon character's twin sister. The other half that newspaper publishers didn't want the public to see.

And I never imagined I'd make it through College, since I always thought I was a "BAD" student. A terrible one who hated school.

Fact of the matter is, I didn't hate school. Maybe I thought I did, but I really didn't.

I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. Yes, I had friends. Can you believe that? Maybe because I never really cared that I had ugly hair. I thought, even if my glasses were so thick, they'd see past the glasses and look straight at my pretty set of small, slanted eyes, even when they couldn't tell the difference between me flashing a SMILE or falling asleep while standing in front of them in front of the cafeteria.

Yes, I loved, not liked the cafeteria.

I liked my teachers. I thought Miss Robinson was the coolest Kindergarten teacher in the whole, entire Universe. She listened to me as I talked about Nothing. I must have been 6, maybe 6 1/2. I remember staying after class one day, my tiny hands hanging on to her neatly laid-out desk, and looking at it from a worm's eye view. All I could see were the sides of a pile of books and behind them was my 4' 8 petite-framed English Teacher smiling at me. There was a sense of comfort in that smile. Which is probably what propelled me to spit out what was inside that little six year old brain.

I'd tell her stories about how I thought my Mom didn't think I was her daughter. Like any kid with an inherently creative, yet innocent soul, I told her that one hot, summer night, Santa Claus tossed me off (like a gift) from his overworked sleigh cuz he couldn't find the right address and I fell right into my bedroom with my 2 new sisters who were, luckily, younger than me. I said, maybe Santa didn't mean to yank me off his ride. But I did anyway, cuz I was getting sleepy.

Miss Robinson listened to my story like there was no tomorrow and I will never forget her calm, reassuring demeanor, and the excitement in her voice as she listened to my stories, maybe a different version the day after. Like Santa falling in love with Mrs. Claus while he was getting gas for his sleigh.

As I waddled my way through school, I realized my Teachers played such an important role in my life. One of them inspired me to use these 3 Study Tips. He was my handsome Philosophy professor who said, "My dear Ceil, keep these with you - at least you can 'enjoy the ride' and make it to the end of your Journey."

And I did. Thank you, Teacher, for inspiring me to be a Teacher - I LOVE WHAT I DO, and treasure every moment I see my students' EYES light up the way I did when I was 6.

Lesson #1
If you need something done, start it now. You'll hear Grown-Ups refer to this as "Don't Procrastinate!" Even if you can't finish it right away, get it started. Make a plan to get it done by a certain day and then work backwards. If your Teacher gave you a deadline of Friday and you still have 4 days to go, grab your laptop and start a folder for your Homework and put it on your Desktop. Once you "see" that folder, you'll automatically "want" to create a Word or PowerPoint or Excel document to "put" it inside the folder. See how it just becomes a chain reaction? And you haven't even done anything serious, and you're already having fun! Hey! It's better than being grounded with no cell, TV or computer for a week!

Lesson #2
What do I mean by that? When I was a kid, I blamed the world, but me. Like I was perfect? NO! No one is perfect. We can, however, perfect the art of changing the way we see the world. If homework wasn't done the night before it was due, I blamed the guy who sells hotdog at the school cafeteria. Or I blamed the Librarian for not smiling at me when I tried to look for the book I needed for my Homework. Our dog never really ate my Homework, so I couldn't blame him. If you didn't get a good grade on that Friday test, do you blame your Teacher? Or your Mom? In Grown-Up world, we refer to it as "Accountability." Be accountable for your actions, your thoughts and your words.

Lesson #3
If things aren't going our way, we whine, pout, stump our feet, shut the doors so the worms wake up and creep out of the basement. We just know in our hearts that it's the only way to get the world to notice us. WRONG. They really don't. If anything, it's annoying, so yes, you can forget about it. A famous Grown-Up by the name of Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." When you are faced with a challenge, sometimes you can change the way you look at the problem and look at it as an OPPORTUNITY for you to grow and learn something new. Can you think of one good example of how you can change the way you look at things so it works in YOUR favor?

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....that's it. Maybe, just maybe I really never hated school.


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