Summer Motivation Doesn't Have To Mean 'Work'

It's not uncommon to see co-workers chit-chatting by the office water cooler. If you were the office Fly, you'd notice that their little 5 (to 30) minute get togethers usually center around how the new accounting gal got her job when she thought A/P meant After Party, or how they noticed the legal assistant spending more closed door time with his high powered, sexy Boss. Sometimes they talk about work. Seriously? Yep, until after they discuss the details of the weekend's hockey scores or their boyfriend's crazy ex-wife's latest stalking antics.

The summer heat hasn't really been helping out either. People usually get irritable, cranky and downright rude.

So if you've been contemplating on putting together a few Motivational courses for your office team, you're in for a Treat!

You heard that right. Treat them to a unique approach in corporate training by creating exercises, group modalities and departmental programs with the Summer Vacation Theme in mind. Empower each member to come up with ideas that will bring out the Team spirit by developing exercises geared towards reaching a common goal. Ask them to come up with crazy Team names, like Bahama Mammas, or Bermuda Dude-Azzs!

If you need help creating ideas that will generate excitement around the office, shoot me an email and fill me in your top 3 challenges. You'll have to sign up and register with WyzAnt first to do that, so get on with it. Let's chat!

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