It's Not Too Late To Be The First To Tell Your Friends....

...that you have made a life-changing decision to 'party' with the Digital World. Yes, it is a whole lot of FUN!

I have been a professional computer software trainer since 1993 and back then, the world didn't really have as much 'apps', short for Application.

You've heard this before...Garbage In, Garbage Out. It was an old saying used by computer geeks back in the days when Fortran and Cobol programming was 'cool'. Although it meant whatever you program in is what you should expect to see as a result, nowadays, it can be simplified to mean, "Careful what you download".

For starters, you are probably overwhelmed by all the information you are exposed to and you know what? I don't blame you. I've trained hundreds, no thousands of adults who have never or rarely used a computer before for many reasons...they had a secretary who did all the work, they had a son who installed Windows, they preferred fishing on a real pond than fishing on eHarmony, the personal reasons go on and on.

But as much as they've mastered the art of evading the hypnotic effect of staring at a flat monitor screen, they couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy when they hear their friends brag about their latest find on or the $600 Groupon deal they bought for a 7-day trip to this breathtaking piece of land called Atlantic.

Human nature tends to adopt to change, so if you're one of 'em Late Bloomers who is willing to delve into new adventures and cast a wider net as far as adding a new skill or hobby you felt was way over your head, don't fret. There's HOPE for you.

If you need someone who can introduce you step-by-step and hold your hand so you can master technology in 8 weeks, one-on-one with me for just a mere 2 hours a week, complete with customized exercises and homework so you can use your new skills IMMEDIATELY, shoot me a quick email.

If you are not in Los Angeles, CA, don't fret. I have students all over the world! Yes, I will also show you how to Skype! Sign up with WyzAnt now so you and I can exchange phone


Ceil H.

Only the best ... YOU deserve a FIVE-STAR Tutor

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