Tutoring versus teaching

As a first year Science teacher, I lost my job teaching HS Physics last year because I was the last hired and therefore, first fired. After seeking a new teaching position, and becoming certified, I decided to tutor through WyzAnt while waiting to develop a more permanent position. But, what I have found is that tutoring actually offers a great opportunity to teach a wide variety of subjects to students who really seem to want to learn. I have really enjoyed all my tutoring activities. I have tutored college Chemistry, HS and college Algebra, College Medieval History, HS Physics and Algebra, HS Biology, and HS English and World Geography. I really like the experience of tutoring diverse subjects. And, I have found a lot of satisfaction in my students understanding the subjects and seeing that they are really getting it.


Kathryn A.

Tutor Science, Math, English, History, Standard tests

400+ hours
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