First session

I joined WyzAnt several months ago, but got too busy with other matters to follow up on it. I just had my first session through the site and it went very well. I had a chance to talk about the Poisson distribution with a student, as well as the binomial and normal distributions, but those are both covered in my regular stats class so they're nothing out of the ordinary. While teaching a class is rewarding, I don't get quite the same satisfaction out of it that I do from one-on-one interaction with students. I'm delighted with how quickly I got connected with a student, I hope this is an indication of how things will work on this site. I was reminded today why stats is my favorite course to teach, it lends itself to so many fascinating examples. Stats is good exercise for the brain too, many of the problems link concepts from different topics and require a little bit of thought to work out, which keeps things from getting too stale. One problem involved a binomial distribution composed from a Poisson distribution. Another problem required me to solve an expected value equation algebraically to determine an appropriate value of a lottery jackpot. I hadn’t encountered either problem before, so it was fun to think my way through them, I love math puzzles. I hope I get to ponder a few more in my sessions to come.


Jacob E.

Jacob - Math Tutor

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