Learning to Play the Drums

Hello everyone,

I want to share some thoughts about learning how to play the drums. If you've ever watched a live band play perhaps you've noticed how the drummer is back there playing all of these complicated looking beats and fills. Maybe you've thought to yourself; wow I would love to be able to play some music like that. Well I am excited to tell you that if you truly want to learn how to play the drums and/or percussion instruments such as congas or bongos, I can help you learn how to do that. Playing music is very rewarding and there is a special camaraderie that is present when playing with other musicians. I believe that it is a blessing to play an instrument and playing live is very cool.

I play percussion at my church (Avalon Church) on Sunday mornings. This past Sunday I played drums at Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church. This coming Sunday I'm playing drums at University Presbyterian Church. Playing live is a great feeling and it is so much fun to jam out in front of a live audience. When I play I'm not there to impress the audience or draw attention to myself. I am there to help my fellow musicians sound better and keep the groove steady. I want to play my very best and I try to help everyone else sound their best also.

Teaching others how to play drums is very rewarding. Along with playing I enjoy teaching very much. I love to share my love of drumming with others and so anytime I get the chance to show someone how to play a rock beat,play a shuffle groove, or show how to play rudiments, I appreciate the opportunity. When I play and teach, I groove with passion. I believe that one should put their whole heart and soul into playing and I do my best to make sure my enthusiasm comes through with my teaching and playing. Don't let fear stop you. If you have a desire to play music, get signed up and let me teach you how to groove with passion.


John O.

Drum Tutor in Orlando

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