Students' Testimonials


“I hired Gisella as a Spanish tutor to help me continue my progression in the Spanish language. Gisella is an excellent Spanish tutor, and really took the extra time to help me learn. The first class, she tested me on my current level of Spanish proficiency and my knowledge in many different areas. She then created a custom program to help me on my way of becoming bilingual. Gisella keeps classes fun and challenging, and is always prepared with examples and course books and materials. Gisella is very knowledgeable in Spanish as her first language, but is equally as good at her mastery of English. I highly recommend Gisella’s Spanish tutoring classes as it is so much easier to learn by conversing with an experienced teacher than just through books or college classes. I am on my way of becoming fully bilingual – which will help me tremendously in my career!” August 30, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jeremy T.,
IT Director

“Gisella is an excellent Spanish professor, she comes to class very well prepared and keeps the class fun and full of learning. It can be difficult to keep a 2 hour language class exciting and she is able to do just that! She is funny, laid back and has many activities planned so there is never a need to have a book. I work in a Spanish speaking country and it was important for me to keep active in speaking Spanish while in the United States and Gisella has done an even better job than expected. Thanks to my work with Gisella, I will return to South America without missing a beat.” August 26, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Douglas N.,
Director of English Education in Colombia S.A. and the USA


Gisella M.

BEST Spanish Tutor/Instructor in town :)

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