Neatness Counts

It's a good idea to be neat when doing algebra. If you are having difficulty adding or subtracting horizontally, try doing it vertically, lining up the like terms. A lot of math teachers will give at least partial credit if part of the equation is correct. Also, when your work is neat, you will be more apt to locate your errors prior to submitting your work. I demonstrate this neatness in the videos that I have posted on my page. Take a look at them.


Rhonni, Your points are very good and ALSO apply to statistics. In beginning statistics, students are often asked to compute standard deviation, correlation, and ANOVA by hand. It is very very easy to make a calculation error, and as you said with math teachers, many statistics teachers will give points if they see your equation is correct. Neatness does count! Thank you for the helpful videos.
More videos will be forthcoming. So stay tuned...and tell me what you think. -Rhonni
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