A Great Way to Cross Learn English --- ESL

Here is a quick example of how to incorporate Reading, Listening, Writing, Grammar, and Speaking.

I generally go onto sites that have short ESL videos with transcriptions, and subtitles, such as I have the student watch the video first, without assistance. Then again with subtitles ... then a third time while reading the transcription. Next we discuss what the student understood... words that seemed difficult, or language terms that were odd, colloquial, or containing incorrect grammar.

The student will generally take the work home, or in the case with a group, spend another block of time working together to define specific vocabulary, and then read the section with their group mate again. Each block is sectioned off with specific grammar to underline and identify. Each block also contains context questions. Answers are to be written in complete sentences ... students are welcome to use a "parts of speech" graph to assist in completion of their assignment.

Finally, we will review the assignment together, work on problem solving, and explain all Q&A's.

et voila'... a combination assignment that covers all the bases.


Denielle N.

Highly Successful Professor of ESL, English, Photography, and Art

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