Journaling Benefits

It’s already August! Do you know where your journal is? I’m not kidding. Journaling is one of the best ways for you to learn a new language, such as English. It’s always one of the ways to let your writing muse know that you are serious about being a writer. So, whether you’re new to the American English language or you want to write, get journaling!

Summer is nearly over, so there’s no time like TODAY to grab a new book (preferably lined) or start a new file on your computer titled: JOURNAL for SUMMER 2012. Scientific studies have shown some advantage to handwriting over typing on a computer keyboard--something about the physical motion of the hand on the paper connecting more directly to the language center in the brain. As a teacher of writing and English as a Second Language, I used to be pretty firm about my students handwriting in their journals. But, then I stopped journaling for a period of time. After about a year, I asked myself why I had stopped. It was then that I realized I had become so accustomed to typing so fast (about 110 words a minute) on a laptop keyboard, that handwriting was just too slow for the flow of my thoughts that came tumbling out every time I picked up my paper journal to write.

Now I tell my students to use whatever technique feels right for them and supports their inner writing muses in their journaling.

The key is to start. Just do it! Start with five minutes a day, every day. After a few days of this practice, you'll feel so great about your new language skills and/or the amount of original writing you're creating, that you will most likely increase your journaling time.

What are you waiting for? Go start that journal!

Happy Journaling!



Sue K.

Experienced ESL and Writing Tutor

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