Student Success Stories!

Just wanted to share some of my students recent success stories. It is a great feeling to see my students reap the benefits of their hard work!! A middle school student of mine recently earned his first "A" in Spanish Ever! His parents and I were so proud of him and he has come a long way! When I started with him, he was failing Spanish and he hated the language and the course. He told his mother that he just couldn't do it. We went back to basics and I worked with him once a week and reviewed each homework assignment, studied vocabulary and practiced listening and comprehension skills. We also studied test taking skills and used online resources to help him improve. He steadily scored higher and just recently earned an A on his recent Test.

Another Spanish student of mine in High School Spanish 3 was also failing and he was in a private school. We developed a plan to review all homework each week and really learn the Vocab and grammar rules. We used online resources to augment his learning and he is now earning a B+ / A-. He also just recently earned his first A on a test!...Great Stuff.

Lastly, my most recent student just made a solid "B" after only one session and she too was failing her High School Spanish 3 course. I'm looking forward to working more with her and helping her achieve greater successes!

The point of all of this is....Do NOT Give Up on your children if you are parents, And Do Not Give Up on your students if you are teachers!


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