Music Tutor

Personal Essay

I would like to work as a tutor, because I enjoy teaching music and helping new students deal with the learning and practicing struggles.

I graduated from Rockland Community College with the Associate's Degree in Communication and Media Arts program. My GPA was 3.949 points. I completed two communication internships: as a Marketing and Public Relations Intern for Lamb to a Lion Productions and as an intern for Audio Production Communication Practicum at Rockland Community College. Due to my academic achievement, I am a member of Phi Sigma Omicron, Phi Theta Kappa honors societies, and the Dean's Honor List.

I am interested in tutoring music, because I possess music skills. Traditionally, music schools accept only students with music hearing and the ability of sound recognition. In my case, I have been involved into musical activities since my childhood. Therefore, I easily passed the hearing test and enrolled to the music school. I graduated from the music school. I own the Diploma with the highest grades. I completed eight years of the music school which included numerous participations. I am a piano player and have an experience of performing at regional and international concerts, festivals, and competitions. My concentration was piano, but I also studied Music Theory, Music Literature, sang in a chorus, and played in duets which required the high level of sound recognition abilities in order to follow the partner. I was playing with a flutist, a violinist, and accompanied to a singer. In the high school, I performed in two rock bands. I received the third place in the First Music Theory and Music Literature Contest for Music School Students held across Russia in 2006. This particular event actually included several tests on hearing intervals, sounds, scales, and harmonies. I participated in concerts in Russia and went to the First International Festival in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, China. My first audio sessions actually began in the music school when students and teachers were practicing recording live concerts. At the present time, I perform different local music activities. While studying in the community college, I was utilizing my music skills in audio programs such as Pro Tools LE 8, Reason, Garage Band, Audacity, Audio Recorder.

I make studio sound recordings using advanced editing, mixing, and MIDI techniques as well as the recording equipment. I would like to use my music skills in Audio Production and receive the Bachelor's degree in this program.

In addition to my academic achievements and the extra-curricular activities, I showed a good participation in the high school sport events and was rewarded repeatedly. I also participated in the high school acting club and performed in different school plays. In general, in the high school, I had awards in the following areas: academic achievement, academic honors contests, music, journalism award as the general editor in “The School Planet” press, writing and performing songs, poetry, compositions, sports, interpersonal communication.

My special skills include fluency in both the English and Russian languages, therefore, I am able to use this ability professionally.


Diana Z.

Tutor of Music and Russian

20+ hours
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