Facebook has become the most popular tool for interaction and even the most popular way to advertise a new product.

Social media seems to be replacing a great deal of traditional media. Every day is more important to know about Facebook interaction and security. To advertise in Facebook could be very effective and inexpensive compared to other sources.

Depending on your product you could choose a normal account where you can add friends, a group where you add members or a page where you add fans. Or perhaps, you may want to create your own App and gain hundreds and maybe thousand of users.

The main reason for companies to create apps and release them for free is to gain users information for commercial reasons. Another way to take advantage of Facebook is to make your site Facebook friendly by adding a "Like Button," or a recommend button or light-box.

One of the major concern of most Facebook users has been the security. Well, Facebook has taken security very seriously lately. They had made some few changes that have taken security to another level. For example, business that used to access your information from Facebook, now need to do it using SSL encription.

In conclusion, it's not a bad idea to look on Facebook to check on the possible benefits that Facebook can offer to your business. Facebook still is not good for every type of business, but it can be very good to yours.


Guillermina G.

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