Calculus - The Math You Need in Life

I recently graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Civil Engineering. I took Calculus classes in high school and did well in them, but I never really realized the real-world application of Calculus. Once I got to UCI and started taking more math classes and also engineering classes, the application of the same calculus I learned in high school became more evident. So much of the world and our lives run on time. Time is such a valuable concept, and how things change over time measures many things such as progress, success, and profit. Calculus helps us measure how things change over time, and is very necessary especially in the world of engineering. It also is very important in science such as physics, as they go hand in hand. Learning calculus can really help an individual prepare for a technical career.


Avi S.

Tutor for Civil Engineering, Math, and Science

5+ hours
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