Speech Introduction Must Show Topic Relevancy to Audience

Many speakers do not explain how their speech topic is personally relevant to the interests of their audience and listeners.

The great thing is that most can be made relevant—or more relevant— to the personal interests of the audience.

Let's make this Introduction more relevant to the audience.


In 2009, approximately 11K innocent victims were killed due to drunk driving accidents–approximately 32 percent of the total driving deaths for that year. Horrible and needless deaths!

Make the Introduction personal and closer to your audience by adding the following:


Last week—in our very town of Mt. Pleasant—five (5) innocent young victims of drunk driving were buried by devastated and grieving relatives. Next week, the next drunk driving victims in our town could be your wife, husband, son, daughter, father, mother, niece, nephew or friend.

Stop this carnage in our beloved town of Mt. Pleasant! Stop drunk driving NOW!


The principle of relevancy applies both to speech writing and general writing. The audience or reader must realize the topic is relevant to his/her personal interest.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading.



Romeo G.

Competent, Dynamic & Experienced Public Speaking Coach

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