Laws, Exceptions, and Details

If 1.5 is a number, then there is a number between 1 and 2.
How many sides to a brick? Four. Check again.
Math, or is it mathematics, has rules. So 2 + 2 = 4 always. It's a law. But what about spelling rules?
Here's one: I before E. So we get-believe, reprieve, sieve, and decieve. Oops! Spell check threw a red line under decieve. There is an exception to the rule. So now we have I before E except after C. So decieve is actually spelled deceive.
Speaking of red: I don't like red apples. I have read many books. I will read many books. The pith of a reed was used by ancients to create writing material.

Is it capital or capitol? What about stationery and stationary? Strawberry shortcake is a great desert! Nope. Two S's in dessert. Just think of Strawberry Shortcake (two S's). The desert is barren. It has only one S.

Eat. I eat food. Sweet! "Don't sweat the small stuff." But sweat has eat, so why isn't sweat pronounced sweet?

A room that is 10ft. x 10ft. has an area of 100sq. ft. What about a space that is 1/2in. x 1/2in? Must be 1 square inch. That's what most people say when I ask them. Check again.

Is "everyone" singular or plural? Let's see. "Everyone are walking home." Nope. "Everyone is walking home." Yep. Singular.

Indirect object of verb. What's that? Let's see. "I handed them a dollar." The verb is handed. The direct object is dollar. What is the indirect object? It is them. Find the indirect object in this sentence: "I handed a dollar to them." Indirect object is them. Nope. Why? Because the word "to" is a preposition. A preposition must have a direct object, and "them" is the preposition's direct of object. So the sentence has no indirect object.

There-existence, location, place, presence - Old town is crowded when there are only 30 cars passing through.
Their-possessive plural case, ownership - Give them their share of the prize.
They're-contraction form of they are - They're absent today.

Laws, Exceptions, and Details ...
Learn from mistakes. Your bound to make them. Or is it: You're bound to make them. Don't get discouraged.


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