I Had Time to Write This!

You have a science paper due on Monday. History test and math packet due on Tuesday. English project group meeting Wednesday after school. Homework to complete. Chores on Saturday. And you want to spend time with a friend.

Use a student planner.

Be specific with the time. Include day/date and time/hour. Specifying the hour in your planner creates an actual appointment, and appointments are not made to be broken.

During the week, your friend calls, wanting to come over and watch a movie with you on Saturday at 1:00 pm. You look at your planner. It shows you will be completing your history reading assignment at that time; you suggest 3:00 pm to your friend.

It’s Saturday, 3:00 pm. Your friend knocks at the door.

What’s that? You say you’re feeling great, relaxed, at ease. Oh yes. That’s part of the reward of scheduling, and sticking to it. You've read and studied the chapter for your history class. You finished your chores. Now you can really enjoy a movie.

When are your final exams? June? No. Be specific. June, day/date. When will you read chapter 3? Next week? Are you sure? Be specific. Day/date and time. Make that an appointment. When will you study for math? Next Thursday? Are you sure? You want to go to the beach? Plan to go. Plan, schedule it, and then enjoy.

How fun is the beach if you still have four hours of school assignments to complete? And are you sure you can afford six hours at the beach? Only a schedule will show if you can afford it or not.

I have to stop now. I have an appointment. What’s that? Yes, as a matter of fact I do feel great, relaxed, and at ease. How so? Well, it’s a planning reward thing.


Ron R.

Fullerton, Home of the Most Patient, Caring, Knowledgeable Ant!

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