Writing is Rewarding

Since English and it's counterpart Writing figure among my most important tutoring subjects, I am pleased to announce here that my new novel is now available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. In about eight weeks, it will be in stores. For those who wish to keep score, that makes two novels and one edited story collection out the door on top of my decades-long publishing history in magazines and technical materials. I tend to write about subjects that are important to me because of my research, or challenges I've lived through. My current novel is about the first Winter Olympics on Mars. I've been a fan of the Olympic Games since 1976 and a planetary educator for NASA since 2001. My previous novel stars a time traveling, world-saving hero who struggles with the learning disability dyscalculia, something I had to overcome to learn math and succeed in accounting. I am nearly finished with a non-fiction book about fundraising and my experiences in science education. My titles, new and used, can also be found in Canada, England, France, Germany, Austria, and Japan.



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