The Joy of Tutoring

September marks 40 years since I drew up my first lesson plan at the age of ten for an ESL student who needed help in English, reading comprehension, math and study skills. By then I was blessed with a college reading level and felt extremely fortunate to have a formal opportunity to volunteer in helping my slightly younger peers. By twenty a college had hired me to tutor the accounting material I had learned the previous year to their accounting students who were failing the subject and from then on part-time tutoring became a portion of how I earned a living. To work my way through my own college experience, I added private clients who needed lessons in English or other subjects, and I rented commercial space to give art lessons to groups of five to fifteen. In fact, every school I ever went to and every employer put me at the front of a classroom at one time or another to share my skills. By now, my experience is tremendous and I still believe there is no better feeling than helping someone learn. I am particularly fond of joining WyzAnt as I find their system demonstrating consistent excellence in organization, and look forward to adding many happy and productive hours with students lucky enough to find this group.



Benjamin P.

It's not just "more school." It's a path to success.

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