ASVAB Standardized Test Case Study

I worked with a high school graduate to increase her core ASVAB score by 25% in six weeks. The improved score enabled her to swear into the Navy AND have a choice of more than 20 positions. My approach was to work collaboratively with the student and to take into account the way of preparing that worked best for her.


I am also working with an ASVAB test prep student and would love to talk to you about what you did. I have made some "tips" for the student but he is not putting in a lot of study time on a day to day basis on his own, so far. One question I have is this: when you refer to points or percentages, are you referring to the AFQT (only 4 subtests) or the entire ASVAB? My understanding is that the points are assigned based on the AFQT subset of tests, but I know that I do not have the entire "big picture" of the points system. My student wants to enter (the Army?) with a high score for purposes of salary and rank, upon entry.
Hi Elizabeth. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you (although I have no idea where you are from or how to contact you, so give me some guidance). The 25% increase was on the "core" ASVAB, which is the main four subtests.


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