Special Discounts!

Starting 09/06/2011 I will be offering several big discounts availible to new students who sign up before 10/31/2011. These are major drops in prices that will only be availible to new students who sign up before the deadline.

The biggest discount is for students who are willing to have their tutoring done by live webcam sessions, as opposed to face-to-face. Webcan sessions are only $22.50 an hour which is almost half off my regular fees ! I have found that webcam sessions can work just as well as face-to-face, and have the added benefit of not having to travel ( which is great in these days of elevated gas prices ). The other benefit is that I can be a lot more flexible with scheduling webcam sessions, as far as my availible hours. Webcam sessions are offered from 8 am all the way through 2 am, while my face-to-face sessions are only availible from 9 am to 9pm.

If you are located within 10 miles of San Jacinto, or willing to travel to a location within 10 miles of San Jacinto I will offer a proximity discount of 15% off my regular fee of 40.50 dollars an hour which brings it down to $38.25 an hour

If you can show that you are a low income family (below the federal poverty line) then I will offer a discount of 25% off my regular fee, which brings it down to $33.75 an hour. If you can show that you are an extremely low income family, then we can negotiate a price you are comfortable with. No student should lack learning help because they cant afford it. In extreme cases I might even be willing to consider some very low cost sessions ($5.00-$10.00 an hour) if you can show me that it is all you can afford.

I believe that anyone who is willing to risk their lives in defense of this countries freedom deserves a little help. If you are a current or former member of this countries armed services then you are entitled to a discount of 20% off my regular rate. Whether you were behind a desk making sure troops had the supplies they needed or you were on the front lines, you are a hero and deserve a "Thanks" from all of us here. So your rate would be $33.75 an hour. Also if you need tutoring in order to pass the ASVAB test so that you can serve this country, the same discount applies.

For groups of 2 or more students I will offer a 25%-50% discount off of tutoring sessions. The students dont have to be tutored in the same subject or the same session, however the sessions do have to be scheduled one following the other. For example- you have 2 children that need tutoring in different subjects. One student needs an hour of english tutoring, and the other needs an hour of math tutoring. if you schedule the sessions to follow one another (i.e.- math tutoring at 1pm followed by english tutoring at 2 pm) then you would qualify for the group discount. Or if you have more than one child who needs tutoring in the same subject, they can be tutored together at the group rate. This is a great option for college student who want to form study groups and get help in a particular subject. The breakdown is as follows-
2 students in different subjects at consecutive sessions- 25% off - $33.75 per hour/per student
2 students in the same subject at the same time- 40% off - $27.00 per hour/per student
3+ students in different subjects at consecutive sessions- 35% off - $29.25 per hour/per student
3+ students in the same subject at the same time- 60% off - $18.00 per hour/per student

Any discounts you wish to use must be established before our first session, as whatever rate a student starts at, that is the rate they are locked into. The webcam discount and the group discount cannot be combined with any other discounts, however you can combine the proximity discount with either the low-income or the VA/ASVAB discounts. All of these rates are negotiable, however any and all negotiations must be completed before the initial session, because as I mentioned, once tutoring starts, you are locked into that rate. Please contact me through my WYZANT email if you have any questions about negotiating a rate. Thank you for your interest.


Annet Q.

For a experienced tutor with a flexible schedule, call Annet!

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