Relax and interact advice

When I was in school, learning from a tutor was introduced as a solution to having difficulty in the regular school classroom setting ... where comprehending the subject matter was difficult. Therefore a tutor was introduced to support and assist. Today we are in a different level of interaction with students. The maturity intellect of young people exceed the levels of learning by margins, compared to when I was a young child, teenager ect. Because of technology, young children think and react quicker than times past. Because of immediate exposure, due to technology in life, everything is done fast. Note when it comes to communication, cell phones, iPads, ect. Therefore the intellect of young children in conversation has risen, from exposure to programming on TV ... movies and dialog spoken. My experience talking to students about life challenges they have with learning the subject matter tutored, ... has helped me complete subject lessons at a quicker rate, which allows me to move into the next level of instruction. The student will feel comfortable and open up to share why the particular subject in question is presenting complexity in learning. I advise when meeting your young students for the first lesson, request the parent or parents be present. This will give the student a security support "cushion ". I find this technique presents a positive level of confidence to the student. The student will interact with the parent and the tutor about the challenges. Sometimes the student does not share the real truth of why they are having a hard time with a particular subject with the tutor. Most of the time it is because of shyness or embarrassment to make mistakes learning the lesson. With the parent present (if possible) in the first two meetings for at least 15 minutes as a stand by, truly helps. I also give information about myself that is connected to the subject matter, I may tell about how information based on the subject gave me challenges at some time in my life before. The study tactic will help  increase positive encouragement to your student. It also introduces the parent present ... to share information about their disabilities also. The student will feel relaxed to understand mistakes we make in learning is OK. I inform the student, mistakes in learning is a major part of the process. Mistakes open up areas in the learning process to correct the problem, therefore we receive success after solving problems. It is a part of learning to excel and progress in the completion of learning the subject matter. The strategic interaction to be relaxed and interact with your student and parent(s) is a wonderful tool. It increases empowerment towards the satisfaction in tutoring and most of all, help someone learn. I am so pleased when the student is showing progress in the subject that was presenting negative challenges. Progressively become positive!!!



Stephon L.

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