Math - is it worth the effort

Have you ever said, "Why do we have to do math?" Because math is often presented as a collection of numbers and letters on a page, it's difficult to understand that those are symbols representing real life situations that need a solution. Whether I'm tutoring prealgebra or SAT math, I'm always trying to help students relate to the math problem so it becomes real. For one student having trouble with positive and negative numbers, I had him physically go up and down stairs to represent those numbers and suddenly I saw his expression change. Now, he understood!

I go to this effort because math is everywhere regardless of your job: understanding the real cost of something on sale, calculating how much paint you'll need, determining if you'll be able to buy that car, etc. I've never run across someone who regretted acquiring math skills but I've heard from many who wished they could understand more.

Take the opportunity now to master math and make it your ally. It is a powerful tool you'll find many uses for.


Samantha Z.

Engineer/Teacher brings meaning to math, teaches piano/music

10+ hours
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